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12 January 2012

TVP Solar Presents Revolutionary High-Vacuum Solar Thermal Panel For Solar Air Cooling

This first Thermal Vacuum Power Charged™ panel has unrivalled peak performance, with a solar-to‐cooling efficiency up to 75% using double stage absorption chillers. This is thanks to high vacuum insulation, which provides complete suppression of convection losses.

“With MT-Power, TVP Solar primarily targets air-conditioning applications for large commercial surfaces like data-centers, shopping malls and office buildings,” said Piero Abbate, CEO. “Hybridizing gas-driven chillers with solar thermal, we can supply cooling on a 24/7 basis – substituting electricity while significantly saving on carbon emissions.” In high irradiance countries with high cost of electricity (e.g India, Brazil, California), MT-Power’s solar field payback is in less than 6 years, without incentives.

“MT-Power panels measured an unrivalled 60% peak solar‐to-thermal energy conversion efficiency operating @180⁰C,” according to Dr. Vittorio Palmieri, CTO, “but what impresses more is the consistency of the energy output throughout the day, every day, due to diffuse light capturing; each panel produces about 4kWh/m2 per day in the summer. Even without cleaning, sand and dust do not affect performance more than a few percent.” TVP Solar has shown preliminary results of an on-going test campaign of MT-Power panels at ADEREE (the Agency for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency of the Kingdom of Morocco), in Marrakesh.

TVP Solar founded in 2008 and based in Geneva operates a pre-series manufacturing line in Italy producing MT-Power panels since July 2011. Its current goal is to serve global field installations in 2012, primarily for solar-cooling applications.