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Solar Thermal Cuts Fuel Use
in Large-Scale Applications

TVP directly drives boilers, heaters, dryers, thermal chillers, and steamers
with a stable, secure, carbon-free energy source

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Industrial Process Heat - SHIP

cheaper and cleaner than fuels, TVP solar thermal solutions replace traditional diesel, fuel gas, LPG, LNG, biofuel, heavy oil for industrial use

where does your heat and steam come from?
fuels pollute and electricity is inefficient!
both are expensive...

Learn More - TVP for SHIP
Learn More - TVP For SHIP

Air Conditioning - SAC

the only sustainable solution for cooling, TVP solar thermal has a solution, driving single- and double-stage absorption chillers to supply commercial and industrial facilities

where does your cooling come from?
gensets pollute and old chillers are inefficient!
both are expensive...

Learn more TVP for SAC
Learn More - TVP For SAC

Oil Processing - SHO

upstream to downstream, TVP solar thermal supplies sustainable heat to core and utility processes all along the industry value chain, replacing liquid and gas fuels

where does your heat and steam come from?
fuels pollute and cannibalise your product!
preserve oil for future generations...

Learn More - TVP for SHO
Learn More - TVP For SHO

How Harsh Is Your Environment?

TVP has the only solar thermal collector able to consistently supply high performance in dusty, polluted, overcast, hazy climates, and extreme ambient temperatures

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