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11 May 2022

Swiss Prime Site Start-up Accelerator Programme: Discover five companies that will help achieve net-zero

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11.05.2022 11:43, Tracy Woodley

Venturelab’s industry partner Swiss Prime Site, one of Europe’s leading listed real estate companies, is always looking to support pioneering startup ideas. For the 16th Swiss Prime Site Start-up Accelerator Programme, Swiss Prime Site’s management and industry experts developed proofs of concept with startups focusing on reducing the overall CO2 emissions and on-site energy production.

Over the course of the two-day Accelerator Programme, participants were given the opportunity to refine relevant use cases for Swiss Prime Site and its group companies (Swiss Prime Site Immobilien, Swiss Prime Site Solutions, Wincasa and Jelmoli) that will lead to sustainable processes, improved operational efficiencies and sustainable growth enablement. The range of proposed solutions addressed decarbonization, achieving net-zero (on the CO2 reduction path), CO2-offsetting and carbon removal, and using buildings as power plants

More than 70 applications were submitted for this program, and eight startups were selected to pitch their ideas in front of the jury. The jury then chose five finalists who were able to present their use and business case to the Swiss Prime Site board: Enerdrape, Evodrop, NewGreenTec, TVP Solar, and SoHHytec.

Enerdrape develops the world’s first underground thermal panels that allow new and existing underground infrastructure, such as garages and tunnels, to be transformed into renewable energy sources for the heating and cooling needs of buildings.

Evodrop reduces the costs of heating water, water consumption, and water-bearing devices by 30% for real estate property owners and administrators using patented nanotechnology and food-compatible product development that keeps water pipes clean. For the real estate industry, the reduction of chalk damage is of particular interest.

NewGreenTec develops devices in which new types of vertical axis wind turbines are combined with the latest photovoltaic modules in one device such that they can be installed on or next to buildings at the lowest possible cost.

TVP Solar replaces diesel, LPG, LNG, heavy oil, and other fuels with a carbon-free energy source by harvesting the sun to supply the cheapest thermal energy in the world.

SoHHytec provides cost-effective onsite hydrogen fuel, electricity, heat production, and storage systems in order to realize a sustainable hydrogen economy.

Bastian Zarske Bueno, Head of Group Corporate Ventures & Innovation at Swiss Prime Site, was enthusiastic about the range of technological solutions proposed by the participating startups, saying, "The 16th edition of the Swiss Prime Site Startup Accelerator Programme— the leading startup programme in the European construction and real estate industry— has shown the great decarbonization and energy generation and storage potential in our properties and on our sites respectively. The intense discussions with the startup founders have furthermore brought to light with which innovative solutions and use-cases Swiss Prime Site can realise its ambitious CO2 reduction path without resorting to emission certificates. In addition to thermal energy, hydrogen, solar and wind energy will also play a central role in this context."

The participating startups gained valuable experience and received constructive feedback to advance their solutions. Overall, the experience proved to be greatly rewarding for all:

Jonathan Koifman, TVP Solar:
"The workshop was a fast-paced experience! What I appreciated the most, as a solution provider, was the active and engaged support of high-placed Wincasa and Swiss Prime Site team members. It was clear from their enthusiasm that the TVP solar thermal decarbonization solution is something both useful and important to their corporate plans."

Margaux Peltier, Enerdrape:
“Swiss Prime Site’s accelerator programme is a great opportunity to trigger the right discussion with the right player and fast track collaborations. In the real estate sector, it is often a challenge to get the connection with all the relevant actors of the value chain. Swiss Prime Site’s accelerator program helps startups like ours to by-pass this challenge and get us in touch directly to both the actors and decision makers of a project. In only two days we had the chance to present our solution and technology, refine potential business case within the Swiss Prime Site portfolio, better understand collaborations and process with all the group companies and pitch to the top-level management. These two intensive days will definitely move our business forward!”

Fabio Hüther, Evodrop:
“The Swiss Prime Site workshop was systematic and strategically well thought out. The workshop clearly symbolised to us which preferences and policies are anchored in the real estate industry. The change of perspective was downright supportive for us, as we were only basing ourselves on assumptions. Thank you very much for your commitment!”

Frido Stutz, NewGreenTec:
“This experience was very valuable and instructive for me. I’m grateful for the support and the useful feedback we received for our pitches. The organization and locations were excellent.”

Saurabh Tembhurne, SoHHytec:
“The highly effective and concentrated two days we had to directly work with the Swiss Prime Site team to realize a concrete business case greatly helped us explore our strong offering within the real estate sector.”

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