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18 January 2019

UAE First – TVP Solar Thermal At Ocean Rubber Factory Beats Diesel

16 January 2019

  • TVP Solar for Industrial Heat: supply 180C to industrial process from the sun
  • ORF Cuts Diesel: solar thermal energy proven to replace 27% daily fuel use in wintertime
  • Decarbonizing Industries: solar thermal directly cuts CO2 emissions at ORF


Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
Ocean Rubber Factory (ORF) and TVP Solar announce today the 3-month results of the UAE’s first solar thermal deployment applied to industrial process heat. Commissioned at ORF’s Ras Al Khaimah factory in September 2018, the solar thermal plant supplies a 180C directly to the rubber manufacturing machinery. Even in the winter months, the TVP solar plant proved an average daily efficiency of 37% supplying 180C, producing an average 1.9 kWhth/m/day.

TVP CEO, Mr. Piero Abbate, is emphatic: “solar thermal kills diesel! TVP cost of heat is below 0.040 USD/kWhth today. Tomorrow we’ll be at two cents.” He goes on to explain that, “all UAE industrial players using fossil fuels can save money, cut CO2, and in particular can now via TVP qualify for sustainability targets required by the imminent Expo2020 in Dubai.”

The solar thermal plant occupies 500 m, sized to match the peak heat demand of the ORF machinery, and was installed within 5 weeks. This plant has been supplying 180C consistently for 6 hours per day in wintertime daylight hours without any cleaning; this substantiates TVP’s unique claim of high performance, even in desert environments. Since commissioning it operates continuously, automatically and unattended. 
“Our Ras Al Khaimah facility runs 22 hours per day at 180C, burning diesel. This costs us 0.53 USD/litre, nearly 50% more expensive than the solar thermal supply,” states Mr. Faisal Noordeen, MD of ORF. “This winter, the TVP solar field is providing 27% of the average daily energy. Together we expect this to go up to 40% in the desert summer months.” Mr. Noordeen further commented that, “with this project, ORF demonstrates its commitment to sustainability, while saving OPEX, and showing our engagement to adopt impactful innovations.”


Source: NBC2 News LINK and PDF