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20 January 2014

TVP Solar Participates In Swiss Pavilion at WFES 2014, Abu Dhabi


20 Jan 2014


TVP Solar SA is a Swiss company, which develops, manufactures and markets innovative, high-vacuum flat solar thermal panels.

A game changer in the solar thermal industry, TVP won the Intersolar Award for most innovative products, which are the only Solar Keymark certified through 200C.

TVP panels serve all residential, commercial and industrial thermal applications from 45 to 235C: air cooling, desalination, enhanced oil recovery, process heat & district heating. TVP offers the industry-best €/W ratio and best performance via diffuse and direct light capture in any climate (even dusty, humid and polluted), requiring no cleaning and maintenance.

TVP will arrange visits to its solar air-cooling pilot plant in Masdar City, where you can directly compare TVP panels and concentrators.